We are nerds. According to Websters dictionary a nerd is a ...wait that doesn't sound right. Per Nerd Zoo, a nerd is an individual who accepts the fact that they are an individual. They are not afraid of being unique, in-fact they embrace their own and other's uniqueness because they realize it is these differences that create beauty in the world. A nerd is passionate about their interest; however odd or eccentric they may be. Join the Zoo and be a Nerd with us.

Cat Nerdy Mug

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Drinking out of your favorite Nerd Zoo mug will be the best part of your day.  Perfect for your morning cup of joe or as a clever gift for someone special.  The image is printed on both sides of the mug for everyone to see, in high quality ink so it won't fade or scratch.  You'll also love its larger size of 15 oz to keep you fueled up and ready to conquer the day.