We are nerds. According to Websters dictionary a nerd is a ...wait that doesn't sound right. Per Nerd Zoo, a nerd is an individual who accepts the fact that they are an individual. They are not afraid of being unique, in-fact they embrace their own and other's uniqueness because they realize it is these differences that create beauty in the world. A nerd is passionate about their interest; however odd or eccentric they may be. Join the Zoo and be a Nerd with us.

Bulldog Nerd Zoo Tee

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You'll love this one of a kind bulldog Nerd Zoo tee.  We took this fun and unique design then printed it on the softest t-shirt we could find.  This will be your new favorite t-shirt, or at least until you get the next Nerd Zoo tee. 

T-shirt details:  This is a tri-blend tee, made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon so its super soft and always fits just right.  The image is screen printed onto the shirt with high quality ink and fine detail so you can appreciate each line of the art without worrying about cracking or fading over time.  Please see the sizing chart for more information on size, as most of our shirts come in a unisex fit to fit all body types as well as a women's fit for a more body conforming fit.